※The first edition of RG1006 series of GRIFFIN EMBLEM has a commemorative value.

Select the mechanical automatic movement made ​​in Japan:

All the GRIFFIN EMBLEM watches use the Japanese MIYOTA 82S and 9100 series of mechanical automatic movements with exquisite workmanship and supervise by high-quality standard, both the material selection and assembling technicians have a good reputation, the 82S and 9100 series which was selected by GRIFFIN EMBLEM was one of its masterpiece. The fantastic hollow out and naked pendulum design combines with intricate carvings and wear flowers manufacturing process, it make the series movements looks beautiful and perfect.

This is an artistic watch which is polished with High-quality steel:

All the GRIFFIN EMBLEM watch is made of 316L stainless steel. 316L is a kind of title of steel number in the United State, that is the standard steel number of “ASTM,American Society for Testing and Material”, its corrosion resistance ability is very strong and the texture of it is pretty good as well. L means low carbon. It will have little impact on the human skin and it is the only option for advanced watch.

The designers of GRIFFIN EMBLEM treat watches as artworks, in addition to choose sophisticated Japanese mechanical movement, it also focuses on the process of polish craft, its advanced technology of frosting and polishing makes the polish and texture of the watch fine and clear, then a strong three-dimensional appearance is formed .

※ Each of GRIFFIN EMBLEM watch is equipped with advanced leather strap, allowing you to not only appreciate its intricate craft, but also enjoy the comfortable feeling.

The watch design is suitable for all fashionable occasions:

GRIFFIN EMBLEM watch is a very fashionable costume for all occasions. Whether you attend a grand dress party, a celebration or golf, or enjoy a sunny outdoor activity – GRIFFIN EMBLEM is absolutely a costume of your beautiful and elegant.


Welcome to your business cooperation with us:

In addition to focus on the design and development of products, GRIFFIN EMBLEM is committed to the development of global sales and service, and provides high-quality mechanical watches and very competitive prices for merchants and customers around the world, if you or your company wants to cooperate with us, please contact us via email: info@griffinemblem.com