How to ensure that your Griffin Emblem watch functions perfectly for many years?

Chemical products: avoid all direct contact with cosmetics, perfume, solvents, detergents, etc. which may damage the case or strap, the bracelet or the seals.

Shocks: avoid subjecting your watch to shocks, including sudden changes in temperature.

Magnetic fields: avoid putting your watch on a refrigerator or on a loudspeaker because these machines create magnetic fields that may damage it.

Salt-water: always rinse your watch in fresh water after swimming in the sea.

Screw-in crown: always make sure you have screwed the crown in fully to avoid any humidity getting into the mechanism.

Push-in crown: always push the crown back in to the normal position to avoid any humidity getting into the mechanism.

Temperatures: avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures (over 60 ° C or 140 ° F and under 0 ° C or 32 ° F) and to sudden fluctuations in temperature.

Water-resistance: we cannot guarantee that your watch will be permanently water-resistant. The seal may be affected by wear or by an accidental shock to the crown.