Étoile Montante – RGN001

FIVE limited models. High quality automatic watches. 316L Stainless steel, Swiss super-luminova®, Natural ruby, Premium skeleton dial, Advanced genuine leather strap & FKM rubber strap.


GRIFFIN EMBLEM was founded in France in 2013 by Alain Recuze, the brand name came from the king of everything in Greek myth, a kind of mythical creatures which was combined by representative of land (lion) and representative of sky (hawk), its pattern was usually used in the medal of European royal and nobility and symbolized as the protector of hidden treasure and wealth. GRIFFIN EMBLEM is made up of two elements: the Griffin and the Treasure. We love the fact that griffins were not only perceived as heroes, but also as goal and protectors of gold. On the logo, you can see the griffin is touching a diamond. This diamond is a reference to the treasure the griffins were fighting for. The word “emblem” is a reference to the treasure. The brand concept of GRIFFIN EMBLEM insists on the principle of few quantity and high quality. They create a series of valuable limited edition mechanical watch by careful design, superior selection and artistic polish.

More than a watch, a piece of art.

“Wrist watch is always pursued by every gentleman, no matter he is a professional collectors or wearers, and everyone has his own reasons for this hobby. Some people are keen on the accurate and precise time running, some people are obsessed with the various functions, some people pay more attention to the origin of the watch, and some people give their love to the sophisticated polish. However, wrist watch is regarded as the ” the only jewelry on men” by Griffin Emblem” – Alain Recuze

Eloy Pechier is the new ambassador of Griffin Emblem. He was declared Mister France 2017 in a grand finale at the Palace in Paris. The 22 year old, from from Ile de France was the best from all the other candidates.

He was born in 1997 in Paris. He loves traveling and singing. Happy and respectful, he also admits to being a perfectionist and a competitor. At age of 19, he was a second year student of economics and management degree at the University of Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne. The handsome man is also a judoka and winner of the French junior cup.

He is now a successful entrepreneur as he launches his own digital network company. He manages a team of 8 people and their office is located in the well know Tour Montparnasse in Paris.

Elegance, altruism, commitment, values and beauty are what represents best the Mister France. It is a national event in France. Accession to the title is based on criteria of beauty, communication skills, personal commitment to a cause; these are judged by a jury of personalities from show business, and by the public who can vote according to various methods. Eloy Pechier succeed to reach that title.


Griffin Emblem has yet again launched the soul of France in the form of a new Timepiece RGN001 – Automatic Skeleton Watch depicting their legacy of culture complementing perfectly the latest vogue via unique and creative expression in form of a watch. It is not only a timepiece – it is a window into our soul where creativity comes true.

The new RGN001 is inspired by the Big Dipper. The delicate craftsmanship can be experienced visually because of the skeleton design of multi layer dial decorated with valuable Natural Ruby gem. It is manufactured with 316L stainless steel and incorporated with 42mm casing with superior quality finishing touch and exquisite Sapphire Crystal. This gives a contemporary and muscular appearance to this unique watch and make you a proud owner of the most beautiful and superior quality automatic skeleton watch – quality approved by Griffin Emblem!

。GE.M8-01 – Modified Miyota 82S0 automatic movement (made in japan)

。Vibration frequency: 21600 vibration per hour

。All 316L stainless steel

。Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9

。7pcs of Natural gem stones of Ruby

。Sapphire Cystal with Anti-Reflective coating

。Genuine leather strap (with quick-release pins)

。Exhibition back

。10 ATM water resistant

。Jewels: 21 jewels

。Approx. band width: 22-20mm

。Approx. case diameter: 42mm

。Approx. thickness watch: 13.6mm

。For Men & Women


The RGN001 is manufactured with 316L stainless steel. Its faceted 42mm case features a combination of polished and satin-brushed surfaces, emphasizing its geometric and resolutely contemporary case inspired by the first RG1053 collection first launched in the 2013. The angular, silhouette of the case is softened by the perfectly circular bezel that haloes above it.


The RGN001 is powered by the GE.M8-01 mechanical automatic movements, which is modified from one of the best Japanese automatic movements available: Miyota 82S0. This dependable movement has a reputation as a workhorse and has been a particular favorite of the Griffin Emblem design team for years. Not wanting the wearer to miss out on the beauty and the precision of the watch as it keeps time, their design accentuates windows in the face and caseback that allows you to be mesmerized by the movement in action.


The Swiss Super-LumiNova® BGW9 is applied to the hands and index marking. It is a phosphorescent pigment, otherwise known as Lume, emits a Blue glow in the dark (as the name suggest) when properly charged by either sunlight or artificial light. In a daylight condition, BGW9 is white in colour. This technology offers up to ten times higher brightness than previous zinc sulfide–based materials.


Natural Ruby is used to be considered the most magnificent of all gems, and ancient people were even convinced that the value of ruby exceeded that of diamond. The ruby is just like the sun and it can keep shining despite its surroundings thanks to its glowing hues. Many ancient cultures have noted that ruby is the symbol of “passion, protection and prosperity”. Even nowadays, people still believe that ruby is associated with love and passion. Wearing it can be a great source of power for yourself. With so many positive attributes, it can be a good choice as a decoration for RGN001.


The centrepiece of the RGN001’s is its avant-garde skeleton dial. The multi-layered elements, different polish effects and three-dimensional metal accessories seamlessly blends the dial with the movement. In broad daylight, the faceted hands and applied markers appear as one with the complex of the open dial and visible portions of the movement, with their polished surfaces gleaming through the darkness for surprisingly easy legibility. In darkness, they emit a subtle blue glow from the Super-LumiNova® BGW9 coating.


Each Griffin Emblem watch is equipped with an advanced leather strap, allowing you to not only appreciate its intricate craft, but also enjoy the comfortable feeling. This leather will last for ages and is very comfortable to wear. Its interchangeable and compatible with all of Griffin Emblem watches. And it have quick release spring pins to make it easier for you to swap bands without any tools. RGN001 also has an optional FKM rubber watch strap for sporty wear. It provides excellent water resistance and is great for swimming and other sporting activities.


Introducing the Griffin Emblem FKM rubber watch strap – Strong, Stylish and well suited to any water based or sporting activity. Made from high-quality Italian FKM rubber, you will definitely notice the difference to other rubber materials, and come fitter with quick release spring pins to make it easier for you to swap bands without any tools. Completed with a sturdy brushed finish stainless steel buckle that has been deep etched with Griffin Emblem logo.

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